You have learned that Pirates have left a treasure of gold bars at the infamous Port Royal. You must hurry, before the descendants of those pirates show up to stop you.

Room availability 8 spots. 


Collect all of the pieces and cards to Clue such as the wrench, candlestick, Colonel Mustard, etc. Do so before time runs out you will figure out who the killer was!

Availability 6 spots 


You are handcuffed to the wall in the room of a house in a remote area. You have 60 minutes to free yourself from the cuffs and find what you need to escape before your kidnapper returns.

Availability 8 spots

Your group will be split into two separate cells within the same room. You must work together to figure out how to get out of the cells, then solve all the clues to exit the room.

Availability 8 spots.


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