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Murder at the manor

Beauvoir Manor was hosting a ball on the Eve of their Grand Re-Opening when the body of their auditor was discovered.

You have 60 minutes to solve the Murder at Beauvoir Manor a historic landmark in Biloxi, MS

This room is located at 249 Beauvoir, not Beauvoir the house.



You have hit a snowbank and have no cell service.  You begin walking to find help when you find a lodge. No one answers the door, but you find a cellar door you can get through.

Once inside you realize this is no normal lodge.

These clues are the same as Krampus was minus the Christmas aspect.



Pirates have abandoned a treasure of gold bars at the infamous Port Royal. Collect all 6 gold bars and blow up the Port in order to Escape before the Pirates return for their gold!! 



You awake to find yourself handcuffed to the wall in an abandoned shack! No memory of how you ended up here. All you know is there is a strange 60 minute timer that began as soon as you awoke and you do not want to find out what happens when time expires!! 


Your team has been sent to check on the scientists at a lab that were working on an antidote for a virus. When you arrive, everyone has succumbed to the virus.  Now you must figure out the clues they have left for you to pick up where they left off. You have 1 hour to get into the lab, locate the vial with the antidote in it and place it in the incubator.

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